Sunday, December 19, 2010

Underwater Grace

What is it about water that makes things look so graceful? The Royal Ballet's photo shoot for the production of Ondine was shot under water. The ballet is tale of a water nymph who is the object of desire of a young prince named Palemon created by Frederick Ashton.

Sarah Wildor- Ondine

 These posters are a stunning and creative way of promoting the ballet, emphasizing what ballet is all about at the same time as capturing the beauty and ethereal side to ballet! I think this is one of Royal Ballet's most stunning and successful photo shoots they've done.

A photo shoot that reminds me of the Royal Ballet's Ondine is a  photo shoot for Staatsballett masterpiece Das Flammende Herz Wladimir Malakhov.

 These photos again capture a quiet still presence full of grace and beauty! Water seems to be able to complement so well what ballet is, full of grace and beauty. It creates this ethereal and dream like world...what many ballets also create!

It looks like some other people have been inspired by what underwater photo shoots can create!!!

Here are some of my favourite underwater photo shoots.

 For Numero Tokyo, Japanese fashion magazine, 2009. Photographer: Alix Malka. Model: Marcelina Sowa

All of these images may not be images of ballet dancers but they all hold an ethereal grace a ballet style and all stunningly eye catching!


Anonymous said...

Woah I'd love to try something like this but my contact lenses get in the way! Beautiful blog :) Very inspiring to a dancer like me :)

Moi said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment, yes it would be amazing to do a photo shoot like these!:-)